Author Information


Richard F. Cavallaro, born and raised in Rochester, New York, is a former teacher and Elementary School Principal. After attaining his BS and MS degrees from the State University of New York - Teacher’s College at Brockport, his educational career began in New York and spanned to Colorado, and California.


He began his writing career when he wrote for his high school and college newspapers and became an editor for his college yearbook. During his military duty, he was a reporter from his battalion for the Stars and Stripes Newspaper in Europe. Continuing his writing throughout his professional career, he taught numerous writing seminars for teachers in his school districts, at national education conventions, at other elementary schools in New York, Southern California, and to aspiring teachers at the college level.


His poetry and short stories have been published in the Claremont Reading Conference Yearbook and the San Diego Union Tribune. He has written Teacher Guides that are currently being used in various schools; Teaching Writing to Elementary and Junior High Students, Teaching Writing to Junior High Students through Literature, and A Potpourri of Poetry Writing Activities.


Recently retired, he dedicates his time to writing about his family history, children’s books, short stories, and poetry. He lives with his wife and family in Southern California.